Earth Planet Songs


Is my original song about the damage to the environment from fossil fuels. I hope this tune will help us change the way we treat this planet and care for the world we live in.

OUTBACK TRACK the life of a drifter, traveller across the Australian landscape. Observations and experiences encompassed in this rock ballad.

OZONE BLUES the environmental destruction of  the stratosphere above the earth. The ozone layer covers the entire planet and protects life on earth by absorbing harmful ultraviolet-B (UV-B) radiation from the sun. This rock blues describes what happens when it is depleted.

CRASHING piano ballad portraying effects and consequences of obsession, addiction self indulgence. There is a fine line between health and happiness and self destruction.

MEATEATER Vegans look out! Carnivores rule in this uptempo rock tune. “you eat the flesh from the bone“. A lighthearted look at an issue that is affecting the health of humans and animals alike.

GATEPOST an original ballad relating the consequences of keeping a secret. “between you me and the gatepost” – a phrase, telling someone a secret that they should not repeat to anyone.


Earth Planet Songs | Phillip Michael Music