Open for inspection, step into the world of Charmed By A House, where every note reflects the eclectic energy that pulsates within its walls. Phillip and his fellow musician housemates extend a warm invitation, beckoning you into their fully renovated 12-room sanctuary nestled amidst Valley Vista Views.

Drawing inspiration from the Fab Four; the 70s, 80s, and 90s, this album pays homage to the iconic styles of Supertramp, The Police, Foo Fighters, Crowded House, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and more. Yet, within these familiar echoes lies a bold departure—a fusion of sleek, modern tones interwoven with bursts of originality.

Charmed By A House isn’t just an album; it’s an immersive experience. Much like the flexible open-space design and contemplative areas of its namesake, the music within offers a versatile floor plan, catering to every mood and moment. Whether you lose yourself in its vibrant crescendos or seek solace in its melodic whispers, there’s room for every emotion to unfold.

Led by the seasoned expertise of Phillip Michael, the collaborative efforts with his Charmed housemate musicians craft a sonic landscape that transcends boundaries, inviting you to surrender to the enchantment of Charmed By A House.

  1. Charmed by a House– Weatherboards, bricks, mortar and red gum stumps for structure.
  2. Freezer Burn– Dodgy fridge with stale crusty meatballs and frozen, out-of-date meals.
  3. Kind of Lovin’– Rooms full of elevated heartbeats and cascading blood pressures.
  4. Weed Killer– Garden overgrown needing T.L.C, seasol and potting mix.
  5. Conduit– Wireless connectivity, NBN, GPS, 5G, it flows through you and me.
  6. Fact Is– A water bucket with holes that leak and can’t be fixed, a sailor in a hurricane.
  7. High Maintenance– A handyman, au pair, chauffeur for help in the upkeep of life.
  8. Salty– A spice rack full of flavour, zest and high blood pressure. A kitchen carvery for slicing and dicing.
  9. Goldie– Wandering in from the forest and leaving an empty porridge bowl.
  10. Gatepost– A post and wire fence, metal grate, squeaky hinges, hushed whispers.
  11. Red to Blue– Red seat, red horn, red tractor, driving to town for whisky and wine.
  12. Bolin Bolin– Views over acknowledged lands and grounds, the Bolin Bolin Billabong and it’s nurturing surrounds

Charmed By A house


Kind of Lovin'

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