Phillip has been a live music performer for many years. He draws his influences from many styles including funk, soul, rock, blues, jazz and Eastern European melodies, The Fab Four, Rolling Stones, Supertramp, The Police, Radiohead, from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, has inspired his original music.

He wrote his first song, Fire Inside, in 1978 and has recently completed his new original album, Charmed By A House, released in April 2024.

Phillip has been a performer in the local and international music scene for many years. In 1983, equipped with his acoustic guitar he travelled the length and breadth of Australia, into South East Asia and onto Continental Europe. This musical journey culminated with him joining the Constellation Orchestra on board the Greek Cruise boat “Atalante” in early 1984 as a singing bass player for the Summer cruise boat season in the Mediterranean… what a blast…

In 1985, he returned to Melbourne, Australia and teamed up with piano player, John Hudson. Together they performed as Hudson and Michael for a couple of years around the Melbourne piano bar circuit. During this period he honed his songwriting craft and in 1987 released his first solo record Tricks Of The Trade.

In 1989 his song Ozone Blues had an honorable mention in the ASA awards and at that time he successfully completed music studies at Footscray City Secondary College and Preston TAFE, Victoria, Australia.

The early ‘90’s as songwriter, lead vocalist and bassist he released two original albums Radical Karma I and Radical Karma II and performed on the Indie original circuit in Melbourne, the music capital of the world.

In 1996, he joined Abbey Road as singer/bassist, the Rembrandts house band in Wantirna, Melbourne. With over 1000 live band performances until the covid pandemic swept the globe and effected the live performance arena.

As a solo artist Phillip’s powerful and soulful vocals have always made him an in demand musician and will warm any room. He has a vast repertoire and performs as a solo artist with his guitar, many of the great tunes from the 50’s thru to present day.


Since 2020 he has fronted the Urban Souls, as the lead vocalist/ singing bass player. This band performs regularly including popular songs from the 60’s – 90’s as well as some of his original tunes. 


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